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Brexit Update : The UK has left Europe since January 1st, 2021, adding customs at the borders and making it very difficult to supply roll cages from England to mainland Europe. However, we are still capable of supplying products from Custom Cages, if you do not find anything to suit your needs in our current catalogue. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote !

Developed using digital tools (3D design software and machines), Custom Cages' roll cages are entirely designed and manufactured in England. With the aim of always offering increased security for the vehicle's occupants, Custom Cages strives to comply with the latest international FIA requirements. For more technical information about the cages and their approvals, be sure to contact us.

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Multipoint Roll Cages

Multipoint Roll Cages

For a maximum level of protection, Custom Cages produces multi-point roll cages for a wide choice of vehicle models. Available in CDS (excellent value for money) or T45 (more resistant and a lighter alloy) steel, these cages have additional points compared to the 6 point cages, in particular door reinforcements, diagonal bars, chassis reinforcements, harness brackets ... The Custom Cages range includes bolt-in or weld-in versions to cover all needs.

About Custom Cages

Founded in 1985 in England, Custom Cages specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of roll cages for motorsport. The company works with teams in WRC, Super 2000, GT3, WTCC, historical vehicle competitions and many other championships. In order to ensure a perfect installation of its cages, Custom Cages uses several digital tools, from the measurement of the car body to the final control phase of the tubes bent by CNC machines. As its name suggests, Custom Cages also offers the production of custom-made roll cages, especially for prototypes and rare vintage vehicles. The firm distributes its products in 50 countries around the world.