Corbeau is one of the most well known bucket seat manufacturers in the world. Their product range offers both FIA approved bucket seats for motorsport as well as fixed or reclining sports seats suitable for daily use or track days, as well as classic models that are ideal for vintage cars, youngtimers or collector models. With Corbeau, you have British quality assurance with comfortable, durable and high quality equipment!

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Classic Range

Classic Range

Continuing Corbeau's glorious past, the brand's classic range features products incorporating the design of iconic seats from the 60s and 70s as well as new models inspired by retro trends. If they no longer meet the standards demanded today by the FIA, these sports seats remain first-rate equipment to tastefully decorate the interior of your classic vehicle.

The Pioneer of the Bucket Seat

It was in 1963 that Colin Folwell founded the Corbeau Company in the English county of Sussex. A decision following his observation that no seat offered him sufficient support and adequate protection in his racing car. He then developed the very first bucket seat for motorsport in the world and marketed it through his new company.

With this position of market leader and the success of its product, Corbeau has expanded its range over the years with the same attention to detail for total customer satisfaction. Today, the brand is part of a large group including Luke harnesses and produces not only seats and rails, but also brake hoses, racing suits and various other motorsport accessories.