ACT Reinforced Clutches for Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t

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ACT Reinforced Clutch - Nissan Skyline R33

  • ACT uprated clutch for Nissan Skyline R33 (RB25DET)
  • Complete kit including cover, disc and centering tool
  • Plug and play installation
  • Ideal for daily driving or intense use
  • Express shipping !
  • HD clutches
  • XT clutches

ACT Reinforced Clutches Specifications

ACT (Advanced Clutch Technologies) offer strong and withstanding single plate clutches, at competitive prices. These clutches are available in multiple versions :

  • HD : in sintered metal / ceramic, recommended for sporty driving or competitions, to withstand a maximum torque of 710 Nm.
  • XT : in sintered metal / ceramic, recommended for high power, intense driving or competitions, to withstand a maximum torque of 850 Nm.
  • Sprung hub : recommended for daily driving, providing comfort and limiting wear on surrounding parts such as the transmission.
  • Rigid hub : recommended for competition and circuit driving, lower inertia and quicker reactivity, at the expense are of reduced comfort.
  • Street : organic material, full disc (not paddle-type), designed for vehicles that are lightly tuned, adapted mainly for road used. In terms of comfort, this clutch is very close to OEM : ideal for everyday and recreational driving !
  • 4 Paddle : slightly harder than stock, but comfortable to use daily, this clutch insures low inertia and guarantees quick gear shifts.
  • 6 Paddle : the best compromise between ease of use, long life and performance. Particularly recommended for intense use !

ACT Lightweight Flywheels Specifications

ACT also offer lightweight flywheels, at competitive prices. These flywheels are available in two versions :

  • StreetLite : the most versatile of the two models, lighter and stronger than stock. Dynamically balanced, with precise manufacturing for improved reliability for daily and recreational driving.
  • ProLite : the lighter of the two models, with low inertia, allowing for a better response on acceleration. Dynamically balanced, with precise manufacturing for improved reliability for intense driving (circuit, competition, drifting, etc...).

When choosing a reinforced clutch, the torque and power handling are not the only criteria to take into account. Even if your upgrade level doesn't reach the figures provided by ACT, it is still a wise choice to invest in a bigger clutch kit. Drifting is a discipline which puts a lot of strain on the clutch, a margin of security will guarantee a longer life.

ACT clutches come as a complete kit (clutch disc and cover), as well as a centering device. When installing a paddle clutch, it is highly recommended to replace or surface the flywheel. On a warped flywheel (even slightly), the paddles will not have the right pressure, significantly reducing the life of the clutch.

It is possible to order all components (cover, disc, release bearing) to replace them separately, when one or the other is worn out. Contact us for more information.


Car Make Nissan
Car Model Nissan Skyline R33
Engine Code RB25DE, RB25DET

ACT (Advanced Clutch Technologies), offer a wide range of high quality clutch kits at great prices. These clutches are availble in numerous versions, and can be paired with a compatible ACT lightweight flywheel.