Vibra-Technics Road RH Engine Mount for Skoda Octavia 1Z 2.0L

Vibra-Technics Road RH Engine Mount

  • To suit Skoda Octavia 1Z 2.0L
  • Remplaces OEM part number(s) : 1K0199262M 1K0199262AM
  • Vibra-Technics reference : VAG510M
  • English design and manufacturing
  • Express shipping !

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Vibra-Technics Road RH Engine Mount for Skoda Octavia 1Z 2.0L
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Vibra-Technics Reinforced Mounts Description

Vibra-Technics engine and transmission mounts are of excellent quality, without compromising performance. They can withstand far more than stock parts. With almost 40 years experience in competitions, the Vibra-Technics research and development team finalized these mounts in the early 90's. From conception to production, Vibra-Technics products are entirely manufactured in England.

The role of engine mounts (or gearbox mounts) is to reduce vibrations and prevent them from going through to the chassis (comfort), but also to reduce unwanted movement (efficiency and reliability). Vibra-Technics has managed to find the perfect balance thanks to their mounts made from aluminium and reinforced rubber.

These uprated mounts reduce movement of the engine and the gearbox, with a maximum tolerance of just 3 mm (compared to 30 mm on average with OEM mounts). Thanks to reduced movements, changing gear is made easier and handling is improved. In some cases, these mounts can also improve your exhaust system's reliability, especially on turbocharged engines (the movement of the engine relative to the exhaust system is reduced).

What are the differences between the "road" mounts and the "race" ones ?

The Vibra-Technics road mounts have been developed to filter all sorts of vibrations, from low to high revs. Being stiffer, the circuit mounts have not been designed to filter vibrations under 3000 rpm. For comfort reasons, we do not recommend the circuit mounts for vehicles that are mainly driven on the street.