Turbosmart FPR800 Fuel Pressure Regulator

Dispatched under 3 days, as of Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Turbosmart FPR800 Fuel Pressure Regulator

  • Capable of supporting up to 800 HP fuel systems
  • For any fuel type including E85
  • 30-90 psi (2.1-6.2 bar) base pressure adjustment
  • 1:1 manifold pressure ratio with no load losses
  • 3 x 1/8″ NPT ports (2 inlet, 1 outlet)
  • 1/8″ NPT port for a pressure gauge
  • Aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel internals with MILSPEC diaphragm
  • Universal product
  • Made in Australia

Turbosmart FPR800 Fuel Pressure Regulator Specifications

The Turbosmart FPR800 universal fuel pressure regulator is designed for vehicles producing up to 800 hp with very high fuel requirements. Constructed of lightweight yet durable billet aluminum, it features stainless steel internals and a military-grade diaphragm for excellent strength and reliability, even under heavy use.

This regulator is compatible with all fuel types, including E85, and offers pressure adjustments over a range of 30 to 90 psi (2.1 to 6.2 bar) for an ideal setup at a ratio of 1:1 with manifold pressure (at base ratio). It features two 1/8" NPT inlets and one 1/8" NPT outlet for easy installation in any vehicle, and has an additional 1/8" NPT port for pressure gauge connection. This product is very robust and can withstand temperatures from -35°C to 200°C.

This regulator is manufactured, assembled and validated in-house at Turbosmart in Australia and comes with a mounting bracket.


Manufacturer Turbosmart
Founded in 1997, the Australian company Turbosmart is one of the leaders in solutions for boost regulation. Reputed for their quality and reliability, the brand's products are developed, made and tested exclusively in-house, whether it be dump valves, wastegates, boost controllers, gauges or pressure regulators. Turbosmart's slogan, "Engineered to win", is a statement of the firm's goals in terms of performance and competitiveness.