Project Mu HC800 Front Brake Pads for Mazda RX-8

Dispatched today Thursday, May 23, 2019

Project Mu HC800 Mazda RX-8

  • The pinnacle of JDM braking !
  • Brake pads for extreme conditions
  • 0.62 coefficient of friction, stable up to 800°C
  • Good cold bite and excellent heat resistance

Specification - Project Mu HC800 for Mazda RX-8

Designed for extreme conditions, Project Mu HC800 brake pads are suited to intensive road or track use. Providing unrivalled braking power, they have a 0.62 coefficient of friction and remain stable up to 800°C.

Being carbon based lends them to applications requiring a good cold bite, consistent pedal feel, high heat and wear endurance, whilst minimising disc wear.

Before using your new pads aggressively, Project Mu recommends a break-in process to guarantee long term performance. To do this, perform 20-30 repetitions of braking, each time gradually increasing speed and intensity of braking pressure. Then, drive for 10km using the brakes as little as possible, allowing them to gently cool in temperature to avoid glazing.


Car Make Mazda
Manufacturer Project Mu
Car Model Mazda RX-8
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1 reviews

Designed for both sporty driving on the road and more intense use on the track, Project Mu brake pads are available in numerous variations offering a far superior braking ability with incredible lifespan. They are ideal for standard sports cars or tuned vehicles, and are a popular choice for JDM enthusiasts.