Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit - Universal (Rockstar)

Dispatched under 2 days, as of Friday, May 29, 2020

Keep your engine running smoothly

  • Prevents oil particles from re-circulating in the intake manifold
  • Separates the oil particles from the air thanks to a 50 micron bronze filter
  • Comes with brackets, bolts and ties
  • Made entirely from forged aluminium
  • Rockstar limited edition !
  • Made by Mishimoto
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Express shipping !

Mishimoto Oil Catch Tank Specifications

This oil catch tank gathers heated oil particles. On the majority of standard engines, these particles are re-circulated into the intake manifold before being consumed in the combustion chambers, reducing emissions. However, this can be quite problematic for highly tuned engines : the oil particles can build up over time, clogging elements of the air flow system, especially intercoolers on turbocharged engines, reducing their efficiency. These particles can also increase the engine's operating temperature and the risk of knocking.

Keep your engine running smoothly with Mishimoto oil catch cans : the oil particles re-condense in the tank, and clean air is released into the atmosphere or the intake manifold (you can choose). Comes with brackets, bolts and ties.

Installation guide :



Manufacturer Mishimoto

Mishimoto is an American company, that make and distribute high performance cooling parts and products for all types of vehicles : "daily" drivers, tuned vehicles for use on the track, pickups and 4x4s, motorbikes, etc. Made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Mishimoto's products have a lifetime warrantee. They come in a wide selection, from heavy duty aluminium radiators, tobolt-on oil cooler kits, oil catch tanks, silicone hoses... Top quality parts you can buy with confidence !