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The role of a roll cage is to protect the occupants of a vehicle in the event of an accident, and more particularly during a rollover. Approved for competition or intended for leisure use, it is characterized among other things by its number of points, the type of fixing and the material used for the tubes.

The more points a structure has, the better it will perform in terms of safety. A rear roll cage (or roll bar) has 4 points, a single cage has 6, and beyond it is called a multipoint cage. It can receive additional crossbars or inter-tube reinforcements to increase its stiffness. Note that the layout of the tubes may require the modification or removal of parts such as trim, dashboard or rear seats.

There are two types of mountings: bolt-in cages which have a limited cost, simplified installation and can be removed (ideal for classic cars requiring to be reverted back to stock), and weld-in cages which provide better protection and superior stiffness. Each has reinforcement plates to secure the attachment points.

Roll cages can be made of standard steel tubes for an excellent price / quality ratio or of a steel alloy such as chromium-molybdenum or carbon-manganese, benefiting from increased strength and lightness.

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Make the choice of maximum safety with car roll cages from the best brands

DriftShop has selected for you the best roll cages for leisure activities or motorsport (circuit racing, rallies, classic car competitions...). On this page, you will find products from Custom Cages, OMP, Sparco, AST Rollcages or MMG Motorsport.

We have a whole range of roll cages for sports cars and racing cars from BMW, Nissan, Audi, Toyota and other major brands. We provide cages made up of 4 points up to 10 points, FIA approved or not, to be bolted or welded, in standard steel or high performance alloy. Whatever your need, here you will find the right product for you at the best price!

Also check out roll cage accessories such as foam paddings or carbon tube covers, as well as specific tubular structures, for example jacking points, crash bars and fuel tank baskets popular in drifting.