HKS EVC6-IR Colour Boost Controller

Dispatched under 2 days, as of Thursday, September 24, 2020

Simple, reliable, extremely effective!

  • Automatic or TPS/RPM/Vehicle speed dependant boost control
  • Capable of up to 2.5 BAR of boost (3.5 BAR absolute)
  • Security (warning mode) & over-boost (scramble)
  • 3 boost setting memory
  • New colour display!
  • One of the best boost controllers on the market!
  • HKS reference : 45003-AK012

HKS EVC6-IR Colour Boost Controller Specification

Since the introduction of their first boost controller in 1987, HKS have been at the pinnacle of electronic boost control.

The sixth version of HKS electronic boost control, the EVC6-IR is among the best on the market. It allows you to set your turbo pressure simply, yet extensively. It can automatically adjust according to required pressure, or be controlled via engine speed, throttle position (TPS) or vehicle speed.

  • Can work with boost pressures of up to 2.5 BAR (3.5 BAR absolute)
  • Fully automatic and intelligent. Can be set to automatically calibrate for the desired pressure
  • Memory modes : Three different pressure levels can be configured independently
  • Map correction : boost pressure is adjustable according to TPS position, engine speed and vehicle speed
  • Scramble boost : Increase boost pressure temporarily by pressing a button (up to 60 seconds)
  • Display in BAR (kPa) or PSI, analogue gauge or numerical formats
  • View TPS, RPM and vehicle speed values
  • Security : A warning mode automatically reduces boost pressure if a given value is exceeded (with visual warning)
  • Peak pressure value memory (peak hold)
  • Parameter lock with a code (do not loose your settings if someone accidentally touches the boost controller)
  • LCD backlit colour screen, excellent visibility even in bright conditions. Night mode available.
  • Horizontal or vertical display options

Installation in our Mulhouse workshop available. Please contact us for more information.


Manufacturer HKS

One of the leading Japanese brands, HKS are world famous for their wide range of auto tuning products. Created by Hasegawa-San and Kitagawa-San in 1973, the company uses the initials of it's founders, as well as their partner Sigma Automotive. Present in drifting, GT, drag racing or even rally, HKS offer all sorts of high performance parts : exhaust, transmission, engine components, electronics, etc.