DKM Stage 2 Uprated Clutch + Flywheel Kit for VW Golf 5 & 6 2.0L TDI - Refurbished

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This item is made in the United States !
This item is made in the United States !

Uprated Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel

  • DKM MB uprated clutch kit + forged steel flywheel
  • Versatile use for both road and track
  • To suit : VW Golf 5 & 6, 2.0 TDI, without "Stop & Start", 136-170 bhp
  • Years : 10/2008 to 11/2013
  • Engine code(s) : CBAB, CBBB, CFFA, CFFB, CFGB, CJAA (4 cyl., 1968cc)
  • Hub splines : 23
  • Torque capacity : 705 Nm
  • Supplied with release bearing and alignment tool
  • This item is refurbished : it shows traces of handling and/or installation but is in perfect working order.

DKM MB Uprated Clutch Kit + Lightweight Flywheel Specifications

Particularly adapted for tuned vehicles, recommended for sporty driving both on the road and on the track, the DKM MB kit is made up of a forged steel flywheel and an uprated clutch, ensuring a long lifespan, user comfort and smooth shifting. If your vehicle is equipped with a dual mass flywheel, the DKM single mass flywheel easily replaces it, offering better resistance for both city driving and sporty use on the open road.

Withstanding up to 80% more torque thanks to its mixed coated disc (organic and copper fibres) and reinforced pressure plate, this kit goes in place of the OEM unit without any modifications. It includes a reinforced clutch (sprung disc, uprated pressure plate), a forged lightweight flywheel, a release bearing, an alignment tool, bolts and other required accessories depending on vehicle (pilot bearing for example).


Car Make Volkswagen
Car Model VW Golf 5
Manufacturer DKM
DKM is known for performance orientated clutch kits and flywheels for European cars. From daily driving to pure performance and racing applications, their huge catalog offer quality products at a competitive value.