DriftShop Day #20, Chambley Racetrack, April 7th, 2023

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Come and drift in complete safety !

  • DriftShop Day #20
  • Where ? Circuit de Chambley
  • When ? Friday April 7th, 2023 (holiday in Elsass, Germany, Switzerland !)
  • How much ? €250 full day, 6 hours, open pitlane, no groups
  • Wet track
  • Strict noise limit: 100 dB per car

International customers : please use a "fake" delivery address in France to get free shipping (for example the track address "Circuit de Chambley, Aérodrome de Chambley, 54470 Saint-Julien-lès-Gorze, France"). Do not order anything else in your shopping basket when registering for a trackday. Thanks !

Presentation of The Event

A day that's 100% drifting at the Chambley (France, 54) on wet track. For the first time, the DriftShop team welcomes you in Chambley. This trackday will take place on wet track and is thus suitable for beginners and intermediate level drifters. Let's have some fun !

In order to get the most running time, the track will be open from 9 AM to 5 PM (arrival at 8, 2h break between 12 and 2 pm). Entries limited to 50 cars maximum. The circuit will be open for 6 hours for free running, without groups, on wet track. Food truck will be available for lunch.


  • FFSA 2020 new rules and regulations : if your car is fitted with a 6-point (or more) rollcage, FIA racing equipment is mandatory for the driver and his passenger (approved bucket seat, harness, suit, helmet, Hans, gloves and shoes)
  • This day is purely for training and fun. It is not a competition. No scruitineering checks will be made on the participating vehicles. However, we reserve the right to exclude any vehicle that is in a condition that could be dangerous for the driver and/or other participants. All cars on track must be equipped with bumpers at all time.
  • All drivers must wear a helmet and their seatbelt (or harness), and all vehicles must be equipped with a tow hook or strap (stock tow hooks minimum).
  • Noise limit : 100 dB
  • If you have third party liability insurance for circuit driving, don't forget to present us the proof of insurance on the day. Without this proof on the day, a tariff of €15 will be asked in order to drive on the track.
  • The presence of all drivers at the briefing is obligatory. It will take place at 8:45 AM. All drivers absent at this briefing must contact a member of the organization team before going on the track.
  • All participants engage themselves to follow instructions form circuit officials and the event organizers. Any participant who doesn't follow these rules will be excluded.

Event without timing that is conform to the rules of the Minister of youth and sports, and in particular to the rules of the « annexe IV de l’arrêté du 19 septembre 2007 » guidelines not recognized by the F.F.S.A.