To win today

DriftShop Tote Bag

The car is a Lancia 037.

It is Marc Emmanuel gave the answer at 12:12:56 and wins the prize.

To win today

The car is a Lotus Elan.

It is Henry gave the answer at 12:12:46 and wins the prize.

To win today

DriftShop Mug

The car is a Gumpert Apollo.

It is Bringme Raphaël gave the answer at 12:12:28 and wins the prize.

To win today

Tomica No. 117 | Toyota GR Supra

The car is a BMW 3200 CS.

It is Selim gave the answer at 12:12:18 and wins the prize.

To win today

DriftShop Umbrella

It is Bringme Raphaël gave the answer at 12:16:24 and wins the prize.

Welcome to our DriftShop Advent Calendar!

A calendar filled with gifts from 5 to 500 € that will fire up your brain from the 1st to the 24th of December.

How to play?
It's very simple! To get started, be signed in to your account (if you don't have one yet, create it now!). Every day from 12:12 p.m., click on the daily door to reveal a car photo. The first participant who enters the make and the exact model of the vehicle in the box under the photo then validates his answer, will win the gift of the day which will be automatically put in his basket. You can validate the shipment of the basket for free, or add other items to take advantage of the free shipping.

Be careful, enter "make model" in this order, and not "model make" or another variant! Capitals, hyphens or spaces don't matter and you have as many tries as you want.

Each mystery photo is cut into 70 squares. During the first minute each day (from 12:12 p.m. to 12:13 p.m.), only one square will be visible. An additional square will automatically be revealed every minute, following a countdown. You don't need to refresh the page.

No worries ! It's perfectly fair: all players see the same pieces of the image, which will refresh at the same time for everyone to reveal the same additional pieces. You can win several days in a row, if you are good enough! Thereafter, you can re-consult the photos of the past days to check the model, the name of the winner and the prize won.

So, ready to check if your car culture is up to snuff?

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